Uzumasa Limelight on Theatres since Dec 5, 2014


PV: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3G_iuZowhNA

太秦ライムライト 北米公開 12月5日より開始

『5万回斬られた男」の異名を持つ福本清三主演「太秦ライムライト」が12月5日より北米で公開され、ロスではWest LAの Laemmle Royal とパサデナ Laemmle Playhouse 7で公開されます。公開に伴い、プロデューサーのコウ•モリと監督の落合賢がQ&Aのセッションを上映後に行います。日本の伝統文化である時代劇を作る職人達に焦点をあてた、このユニークな映画をぜひお近くの劇場でご覧下さい。



下記の回での上映後、プロデューサーと監督によるQ&A セッションが行われます。
Dec. 5th 4:20pm Laemmle Royal 
         9:50pm Laemmle Royal
Dec. 6th 4:50pm Laemmle Playhouse 7   
         9:50pm Laemmle Royal
Dec. 7th 4:50pm Laemmle Playhouse 7 


Laemmle Royal (West LA) 上映情報

Laemmle Playhouse 7 (Pasadena) 上映情報






Our company joined one of the sponsors of the movie "Uzumasa Limelight". Our logo video shows up whenever it's screened!
PV: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3G_iuZowhNA

Now Uzumasa Limelight is out! I've already heard from many fascinated and touched. 
Besides the plots and staging are a bit different of many samurai movies.

Uzumasa Limelight LA Opening on December 5th

"Uzumasa Limelight" will be playing at the Laemmle Royal and Laemmle Playhouse 7 from 12/5. Producer, Ko Mori, and Director, Ken Ochiai, will be having a Q&A after the screening throughout Dec. 5th, 6th and 7th. Please come watch this unique Japanese film in theater near you!

“Uzumasa Limelight” Trailer:

LA Times said
"Uzumasa Limelight unfolds understatedly and movingly like something from Clint Eastwood at the top of his game."

Q&A sessions with Producer and Director will be held AFTER the following screenings!
Dec. 5th 4:20pm Laemmle Royal 
         9:50pm Laemmle Royal
Dec. 6th 4:50pm Laemmle Playhouse 7   
         9:50pm Laemmle Royal
Dec. 7th 4:50pm Laemmle Playhouse 7 

The tickets can be purchased in theaters. 

Laemmle Royal (West LA) Screening Information

Laemmle Playhouse 7 (Pasadena) Information

The film was premiered at the Shanghai Film Festival and
has won 5 awards so far including the Best Picture and Best Actor at the Fantasia International Film Festival in Montreal.

The film is now in consideration for the Golden Globes in Foreign Films.

It is also releasing Honolulu, Irvine, , New York, Portland, Houston, Seattle, Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal. Your support will be a crucial part for this film if you can come to the theater in the first weekend. They will continue to screen the film only if there are enough people.  Your support would be much appreciated.

Here is the theater information:


rumble time!

It's been extremely busy time for me for the rest of 2014.. but doing fine. New job started and I'm supposed to cover more than just creating stuff. Adversely positive perk I got is not only the position of art director, but fun time doing some web programming thingy. Can you imagine that I knew I would get to make use of my days back in science college about 10 years ago? I can just say my ex boss from my part time job that time was right after all; My right choices would be whenever wherever based on everything I do.

today's attachment is for my friend, papa, and sushi chef at the same time with the parody of his fav masterpiece =)


Don't wanna get old!

So i started Kendo again. Tennis also. Just felt that I need to bring whatever I pushed away up in front of my stacks. After I realized how long it takes me to recover from hangover... x.x A little by little!

For my great friend/singer's birthday:


AX2014 tomorrow!

Anime Expo tomorrow!
Come to #1342 eigoMANGA booth like last year!

This year's features are:
- 10th anniv. of Rumble Pak (the comics mag by eigoMANGA)
- new announcement of Vanguard Princess
Thursday, July 3, 11:45 am at LP2 (502AB)
- Mino Miyabi's panel "How to draw Manga "
Saturday, July 5, 12:15 pm at WS 1 (515)

New souvenirs 2014 from MinoMiyabi :
- FanArt postcards (Attack on Titans, Kill La Kill, Little Witch Academia, Vanguard Princess, Hatsune Miku)

- LINE Stickers from MinoMiyabi!
Maggie & Sciette "MAGISAI" free gift pre-reservation
KOLALA (Shinca Entertainment)

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keep running

June & July are such a busy months that make me hold the space key, pass out and realize all the blank post.


tuning up

channeling myself by practicing multiple styles.. Vanguard Princess will show up at this AX too. Stay tuned!