[LABDANCE] Animal Olympics

finally got invited to labdance...
anyway, doodles :)

this week's topic "Animal Olympics"



UP Teaser

Ladies'n'Gentlemen...Here comes the teaser for their next journey.
UP - May 29th, 2009

Tell you what.....
the grumpy old man Carl Fredricksen is so familiar to me.

this movie keeps reminding me of one adventurer who departed his journey from the Lake Biwa in Japan aboard a balloon ship of his own "The Fantasy" towards America -- a.k.a The Balloon Man (The Fusen Ojisan in Japanese).
According to Wikipedia Japan, in Nov. 23th, 1992, this balloon man Yoshikazu Suzuki rode into the ship The Fantasy, which 3 of 6-meter balloons & 20 of 3-meter ones with full of Helium gas are installed to the wooden (Japanese cypress) gondola. Some Japanese broadcasting press stick with him for a few months, but after, nobody knows where he went, landed, and how he is now. He used to work at YAMAHA music as a piano tuner before the journey, and ran a variety of businesses, restaurants, pubs, Mah-jong bar etc. But neither of them went well & had a lot of debt. This is said to be one reason of his adventure to show in public to earn some money from it. But more reasons are being told too...

for the trivial story, Japanese actress Fumiko is this balloon man's third daughter.



This is some tool we animators ever looked forward. With this you can play back & forth frame by frame, and yes, can draw onto the clip directly.
I haven't checked out yet, but it says there're more nice features in it. Very helpful for our discussion & critique. I'll vote for adding this, the lab techs!



let's cook this.

iv never posted my animation pieces, but this time. Let's cook my old stuff - Pom's anim test.
many guys told me this looks like "JAPANESE" dunno wth that means. one thing i realize these days is that it goes strong intonations of ease-in & out. Yes, no character in reality hovers still in the air for seconds, this is known as cartoony style though. Well did you say mine is not working? Something is different? i know, u just can say "Something is wrong". I KNOW.

wowow, calm down Masa.

most of guys gave me warm words, but also i remembered they added that this is NOT going to Pixar class reel. (Funny, ppl nod as nice work, then asked if it goes to the reel? then ALL of them shook heads this time XD )
I totally agree. I can see why not. So I never did it. This has a story, but hard to know only from here. Some understand 'cause they've already seen my thesis, but hell no, nobody does in real. Employers never have time to refer more if the student have such average (or yet less than) skills, generally speaking.

so guys, what do u think? Pros/Cons?
esp pierce me with more Cons. i am actually fed up with ppl flattering Looks good, good job, no i mean it really is.

in addition to "looks Japanese", they said that's my style. I am very very happy if it really works as my style (we bleed to find own styles...), but i cannot agree with it. Moreover, I like more subtle & simple ones with characters, and wanna do it. Such crazy right-then-left action as this bird - I don't always want it. I've known some guys having the same thought like "It finally becomes it, but I don't always want it. I wanted to do @&#$%..." Well I might have to be more responsible to make it exactly what i want.

Now it's cooking time.


Thanks Birdy!

So previously on post, my old buddy is leaving, I have to move all internet environment to my work PC... shoot i didnt wanna do them all in one comp. but no choice now.

But go bright side --
"Look around outside. History is moving forward itself".
Easy come, easy go.

I found a lot of helpful stuffs i was aching when i was mainly a Win user until a few years ago. I'll intro the fish&tips to you guys...

Developing Skype plugin for Trillian, the well-known multi-account chat system. If you use Trillian Pro & wanted to use Skype with it, it's good to try. Although it's still developing & not yet work by stand-alone in Trillian (needs to launch Skype on background) it doesn't stress me out by going back-n-forth btwn the softwares.
And while you're at it, this is the tips to make Trillian portable...
Extra: u can make Skype portable too... >> PortableApps.com , Japanese site

as i said ALL internet env is moving on, so is EMail stuffs.

Thunderbird Portable (from PortableApps.com)
They work for Thunderbird to make it portable. u can take the birdy everywhere in a removable storage. I chose it bcz Mozilla architectures keep developing & we can customize it pretty much with cool add-ons.

Litghtning - the Thunderbird add-on
Since I was Microsoft Entourage user, I wanna use calendar with the mailer. Then bingo, there's the extention to make his wings wider :D

For more thing, I was impressed with this...

Provider for Google Calendar
as says in the name, Synchronizer between Thunderbird & Google Calendar.
the bird takes a look at the updates from OR upload the local changes right away to Google side via XML database.

vCard Converter
Converter for Addressbook. It converts vCard (vcf) to LDIF or CSV file type. Although it just runs on PHP server, very helpful to import from Entourage to Thunderbird. There's also CSV type for Gmail Addressbook.

ImportExport Tools

Helped a lot to transfer Entourage mail data (MBOX file type) to the birdy. It can convert variety types (cf. link for detail) plus it never misses sub folders under a folder if the MBOX file contains them. Kewl :)

There're some more stuffs, but those are Japanese tools & getting so geeky, so i stop it
For guys who're interested, TRY IT!

buddy, it is the time!

It's been a while. Let me leave here some story I've been in these days...pretty nerdy story.

As some of u know already, my petit-old buddy (Powerbook G4 15") is experiencing bad days...
suddenly on Wed, his performance gets way sloppy i even thought it was frozen.
i rebooted holding the power button, and this time it really got frozen at the Apple logo. Sh*t happens - i already felt this will be long night. Well, not only that night i needed actually... Because of physical rebooting for many times or other reasons, turns out the file system got damaged. (NOTE, don't reboot it that way for many times.) Although the Install DVD works now, Diskutility is no longer helpful. Nor does the command fsck -fy.


First thing's first. I need to backup all files right? I can still get into the system as Single User Mode. OK so i connected external RAID disk thru Firewire, But it cannot be mounted. Even mkdir got kicked back with "Read-Only Filesystem" Oh boy... I am an administrator now in it
While on a little break, I found that I never tried Target Disk Mode (TD Mode) yet. TDM is one of the features in Apple Computers. Hold T (or command+T) after the boot beep, then Firewire icon shows up on screen. That's TD Mode, which you can connect your Mac through Firewire to other machines to transfer files using your Mac just as an external drive. This is IT! I brought my buddy at lab & connect lab Mac (far brand newer generation - Intel Xeon QuadCore by the way) after some struggling my Mac was finally mounted on Desktop. YES! now i can backup... File were like millions of heavy p**ps, then there's time limit (took 2 days to finish since the lab was closed at first day), BUT I managed to copy all necessary files on my RAID. D*mn took forever

Now i can mess up this drive. Fry on stove? or Boil? I remembered about Disk Warrior. It's like a formula among Mac Users to try this software when none of system-bundled utils work at all. YES the rumor was right - Diagnostics, Rebuild, Preview Mount, Replace, Done. Super. Now it never fail to mount on other machine as TD Mode, plus i can start OSX & reach to Desktop -- Under some conditions.
the some conditions is that i have to keep the laptop tilted, so as not to hear the weird buzzing sound on HDD spinning. Otherwise on horizontal place, it keeps groaning that sounds like failing access.
Well pretty much possibility that HDD is gone. Sh*t happens...

No matter which i take my buddy to, I need to get him back healthy to some extent. It cannot be even selled if HDD is just like this (I'm a nice & polite 24hrs-smiley Japanese ).
So maybe i'll exchange HDD by myself AppleCare is already expired anyway.

Just a lil story (excuse?) these days why i've not been at lab... but i learned a lot. a bit familiar with stuffs i was doing back in the days

Buddy now it's the time to leave my hands. i'll meet u again, re-borned u again.

# so nerdy tale, but i started computer thing when i was 9 or 10 from Macintosh (classic series), and the first animation software i used was Hypercard. u guys know it?? ^^;



Squidley & Woman

now that octopus seems to be popular everywhere, another one with 8 legs + 2 arms.
i felt sh*t on my wrist while painting, sorry but ruff...



birthday card

Happy B.Day Aui!
it's already kinda my custom to give card to my fds =D



some secret ingredients in it!

The Art of Kung Fu Panda
want it so bad !
guys lemme know how it is when u get it...

rabbit woke up!

so finally started my blogspot, which i ever been thinking for 2 years... i had JPz version for updates of my works, and here i am...
altho i dunno how much i can do stuffs here, so far i want u guys to drop by & critique my stuffs! THX!

to start with it, let's just put some latest still works =)